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V85TT Registry and pic thread


Staff member
GT di Razza Pura
Jul 1, 2009
Our running list for those who dare own one. Post your info and pics by responding to this thread, and I'll add it to the list below.

ZGUKYUE08NM000021 #204 of 1946 - @luigi57 - City?, NJ - D.O.P. 5.14.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUE09NM000027 - @Francis Lukesh - Camp Hill, PA - D.O.P. 10.22 - Pics HERE
ZGUKYUE06NM000034 - @johnfelleman - Arlington, VA - D.O.P. 6.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUE03NM000055 - @Bulitt - Jacksonville, FL - D.O.P. 2.23 in Savannah GA - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUE05NM000087 - @SirIzak - Cincinnati, OH - D.O.P. 6.30.22 @ Cadre Cycle - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUE07NM000115 - @darmahman - Fort Collins, CO - D.O.P. ? - Pics HERE
ZGUKYUA0XMM000123 - @Nemoxhoek San Diego, CA - D.O.P. 12.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUE06NM000129 - @Bill Hagan - Moto Grappa, VA - D.O.P. 5.23 - Pics HERE
ZGUKYUE07NM000169 - @sillydrunk - Calgary Alberta - D.O.P. 11.17.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUE0XPM000234 - SALVAGE - Sandston, VA - 9.23
ZGUKYUA04MM000294 - SALVAGE - Lexington, KY - 7.22
ZGUKYA013NM000409 - @Wanderer - Hamilton, NZ - D.O.P. 10.27.23 - O.O. D.O.P. 9.16.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYA00XMM000879 - @PembsBoy54 John Evans - Swansea Wales UK - D.O.P. 4.24.21 - Pic HERE

ZGUKYUA01NM000545 - @JammerRoberts - Las Vegas, NV - D.O.P. 5.21.23 @ Eurocycle - Pics HERE
ZGUKYUA02NM000845 - @bb92884 - San Diego?, CA - D.O.P. 9.22.23 @ GPMC - Pics HERE

ZGUKYUA05MM000398 - SALVAGE - Bakersfield, CA - 4.23
FIRST REGISTERED! ZGUKYUAOXNM000916 - @jackthebiker - Rothschild, WI - D.O.P. 1.18.22 @ Leo's South Lakeville, MN - Pic HERE
ZGUKYA005MM000885 - @hlavaca1 Antonín - City?, Czech Republic - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE

ZGUKYUA02MM000035 - @GerryAZ - Phoenix, AZ - D.O.P. 5.18.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA08MM000041 - @smithie-53 (Joshua) - York, PA - D.O.P. 9.21 @ Motoplex West Chester, PA - Pics HERE
FIRST REGISTERED! ZGUKYUA05MM000045 - @jwtucker - Philadelphia, PA - D.O.P. 6.8.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA01MM000074 - @Sam V Napoleon - Pittsburgh, PA - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA04MM000084 - Tom H @th_01 - Natick, MA - D.O.P. 8.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA01MM000088 - @Calvin Cran - Calgary Alberta Canada - D.O.P. 7.1.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA00MM000115 - @richncuba - Cuba, MO - D.O.P. 7.6.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA04MM000117 - @Muuuuurph - Lancaster, PA - D.O.P. 9.22 @MWC - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA02MM000133 - @jfracht2013 - Dallas, TX - 2.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUBOXNM000199 - @fastlaners - Fitchburg, MA - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA02MM000309 - @Zool2 - Toronto, CAN - D.O.P. 4.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA07MM000418 - @Robert Wantin - Royal Oak, MI - D.O.P. 9.5.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA0XNM000558 - @Waterman - Vancouver, BC - D.O.P. 1.17.23 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA00NM000617 - @Halen - Austin, TX - D.O.P. ?.23 @ AF1 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA05NM000662 - SALVAGE - Denver, CO - 10.22
ZGUKYUA09NM000695 - @spydersan1019 - Roseburg, OR - D.O.P. 8.13.23 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYA001MM001340 - @OzBazG - Barry - Brisbane, Australia D.O.P. 03.30.22
ZGUKYA002MM003033 - @Oscartheroo Martin - Poole, UK - D.O.P. 3.22.22 - Pic HERE

ZGUKYUB0XNM000185 - @tr00per25 - City?, LA - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUB08NM000301 - SALVAGE - Atlanta, GA - 7.23
ZGUKYB01XPM000367 - @Twentyfourvalves - City?, FL - D.O.P. 5.23 @ Vespa of Gainesville - Pics HERE
ZGUKYB011NM001323 - @Fritz56 - Beechworth, AUS - D.O.P. 2.23 @ Blacklock, Lavington, NSW, AUS - Pics HERE
ZGUKYB014PM001447 - @jamiebridel - Lisboa, Portugal - D.O.P. 6.30.23 - Pics HERE
ZGUKYB019PM001654 - @GDA - Melbourne, AUS - D.O.P. 2.29.24 - Pics HERE

ZGUKWUB05LM000013 - @MHaas - Greenville, SC - D.O.P. 3.22 @ Team Charlotte - Pic HERE
ZGUKWUA00LM000023 - @Bill Woodall - Kilgore, TX - D.O.P. 11.20 @ GPMC San D, CA - Pic HERE
ZGUKWUA03LM000064 - @NuckaMan - SoCal - D.O.P. 9.18.20
ZGUKYUB05MM000075 - @jert - City, State? - D.O.P. 5.23 @ Team Charlotte - Pic HERE
ZGUKWUA00LM000121 - @Night_Wolf - City?, CAN - D.O.P. ? - @ Cycle Works North, Calgary Alberta - Pic HERE
ZGUKWUA06LM000155 - @keiths - Rienzi, MS - D.O.P. 11.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWUA08LM000156 - SALVAGE - Dyer, IN - 10.23
ZGUKYB003MM000180 - @Mal Wragg - South Gloucestershire, UK - D.O.P. 1.17.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWUA00LM000197 - @egschade - Basking Ridge, NJ - D.O.P. 02.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUB02NM000200 - @mattstark - Charlotte, NC - D.O.P. 12.21 @ Team Charlotte Motorsports - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUB00NM000292 - SALVAGE - Fredericksburg, VA - 9.23
ZGUKYUB03NM000318 - SALVAGE - East Windsor, CT - 1.24
ZGUKYUB04PM000329 - @randocowrissian - City?, MT - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUB01PM000367 - @Twentyfourvalves - City?, FL - D.O.P. 5.23 @ Vespa Gainesville - Pics HERE
ZGUKYB004MM000933 - @Jan Cermak - Prague, CZ - D.O.P. 7.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYB007MM000974 - @ZedBuilder - Salisbury Wilts, UK - D.O.P. 3.24 @ SP Motorcycles in Exeter - Pic HERE
ZGUKYB008MM001308 - @DaveH - Derbyshire, UK - D.O.P. 3.3.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWB003LM001365 - @MikeTT - Cambridgeshire, UK - D.O.P. 07.05.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYB019PM001749 - @franblay - Moncada, Spain - D.O.P. 3.10.23 - Pic HERE

ZGUKYUA03PM000968 - @SlightlyAskew - San Antonio, TX - D.O.P. 6.28.23 @ CTX Motoworks SA - Pic HERE
VIN#ZGUKYUA07PM001041 - @Xtrythis1 - Magnolia, TX - D.O.P. 3.24 - Pic HERE

VIN#? - Michaela Collins - City?, Germany - Pic below
ZGUK?A00??M000046 - @Derek J Dixon - Charlotte, NC - D.O.P. 10.15.19 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU004LM000091 - @dk1six - Boston, MA - D.O.P. 12.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU005LM000200 - @Paultergeist - Lemon Grove, CA - D.O.P. 1.21 - @ GPMC - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU009LM000216 - SALVAGE - Chattanooga, TN - 12.20
ZGUKWU004LM000222 - @DesertPilot Paul G - Mountain View, CA - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU005PM000223 - @MissouriDave - Dayton, OH - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA0XMM000249 - SALVAGE - Madisonville, TN - 5.22
ZGUKYUA04NM000390 - @Patrick Stirling - Tucson, AZ - D.O.P. 4.19.23 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU002LM000400 - @BarryVC - Lebanon, IN - D.O.P. 04.21.20 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA01NM000433 - @Werewolf on Wheels - SE, MI - D.O.P. 6.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA03NM000434 - @davethewelder - North Port, FL - D.O.P. 7.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU007LM000473 - SALVAGE - Brighton, CO - 9.21
ZGUKWU002LM000476 - @Grabcon - Hereford, AZ - D.O.P. 8.1.23 O.O. ? Lakewood, CO - Pics HERE
ZGUKWU002LM000509 - @tycoonbob - Louisville, KY - D.O.P. 08.03.20 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWA005KMO00548 - @rog5150 - Llantwit Major, Wales - D.O.P. ? - Pics HERE
ZGUKWA000KM000909 - @kiwi dave - Auckland, NZ - D.O.P. ? - Pic soon
ZGUKWA000KM001395 - @Kel Rood - Auckland? NZ - D.O.P. 11.11.20 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWA003LM001571 - @Faisal - Qatar - D.O.P. 6.26.19 - Pics HERE
ZGUKWA00XKM002263 - @Chris Jessop - Yorkshire, England - D.O.P. 7.13.19 - Pics HERE
ZGUKWA004KM002601 - @Hasse - Ullånger, Sweden - D.O.P. 06.20.19 - Pic post below
ZGUKWA001LM005666 - @MG02 - City?, AUS - D.O.P. 8.26.20 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWA00XXM00XXXX - Daniel @s-flow - Sweden - D.O.P. 6.29.17 - Pic HERE

ZGUKWU002LM000106 - SOLD - O.O. @GhettoGriso - D.O.P. 7.16.19 @ Caswell Cycle, Mora, MN - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU008LM000109 - @DesertPilot Paul G - Mountain View, CA - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE - R.I.P.
ZGUKWU009LM000118 - SOLD - O.O. @GTM® - Malibu, CA - D.O.P 7.17.19 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU009LM000121 - SALVAGE - Oklahoma City, OK - 12.20
ZGUKWU003LM000132 - Brian Carpenter @Offcambre - Jacksonville, FL - D.O.P. 10.19 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU005LM000150 - @Kris - Costa Mesa, CA - D.O.P. 10.19 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA04MM000151 - SALVAGE - Ebensburg, PA - D.O.P. 4.22
ZGUKYUA00MM000163 - @iarapilot - Bradenton, FL - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU00XLM000225 - @Galactic - Lake Havasu, AZ - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU004LM000236 - SALVAGE - Gardena, CA - 7.23
ZGUKWU009LM000359 - Alan M @decotriumph - Tullahoma, TN - D.O.P 5.16.20 @ Sloan's MC & ATV - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU009LM00037? - @Marco_Guzzi - CA to TN - D.O.P. 6.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU0071M000375 - @vagrant - Gainesville, GA - D.O.P. 5.1.20 - Pics HERE - SOLD to ?
ZGUKWU006LM000433 - @BillB - City?, SC - D.O.P. 2.21 @ Team Charlotte Motorsports - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU000LM000444 - @Bob Bourget - City?, MA - D.O.P. 12.20 - Pics HERE
ZGUKWU007LM000568 - @DesmoDog - SE Michigan - D.O.P. 06.20.20 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU007LM000585 - @Mazzeratzi - Bay Area, CA - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU007LM000599 - @JC3 - Austin, TX - 8.20 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU005LM000603 - @wthammond - Magnolia, TX - D.O.P. 1.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU008LM000675 - @mikesn5va - Richmond, VA - D.O.P. 9.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA05NM000810 - @vagrant - Gainesville, GA - 6.15.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYA011NM001932 - @DeeKay - City?, Israel - D.O.P. 10.31.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWA002KM002208 - Michael M. @MMx - Allgäu, Bavaria - Germany - D.O.P. 09.02.19 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWA004KM002209 - Steve Howell @Wrinkley - Yorkshire England - D.O.P. 1.6.19 - No pic yet
ZGUKWA00XKM002263 - @Chris Jessop - Yorkshire, England - D.O.P. 7.13.19 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYA006MM003407 - @MotoBazzi - City?, AUS - D.O.P. 2.22 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWA007KM004245 - @Breva-Al - Coventry, UK - D.O.P. 09.19- Pic HERE
ZGUKWA004KM004459 - @AnLenz - Osnabrueck, Germany - D.O.P. 9.23.19 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWA006KM004737 - @eimers01 - Wageningen, NL - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKWA007LM005686 - @DTNZ David - Masterton, NZ -D.O.P. 9.28.20 - Pics HERE
ZGUKWA008LM006099 - @Jod001 - Queensland, AUS - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
ZGUKWA007LM006580 - @Adamfox2707 - Suffolk, UK - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
VIN#? - @Pb4uride - Tiger Mountain, WA - D.O.P. 7.2.19 - Pic HERE

ZGUKYUA05MM000174 - @Pridanc - Austin, TX - D.O.P. 9.21 - Pic HERE
ZGUKYUA08MM000184 - @Midnite Matt - Sonoma County, CA - D.O.P. 12.31.21 - Pic HERE

VIN#ZGUKWA008KM001368 - @Ron Grant - Brisbane, AUS - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE

ZGUKWA001KM003883 - @Beddhist - Doembang Nangbuat, Thailand - D.O.P. 5.12.22 - No Pic
ZGUKWU002LM000350 - @Bisbonian - Tucson, AZ - D.O.P. 1.25.20 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWU00XLM000354 - @EMpunker - Newport Beach, CA - D.O.P. 08.22.20
ZGUKWA006**007333 - @Chappers - Buckinghamshire UK - D.O.P. 7.18.20 - Pic HERE
ZGUKWA000?M144813 - @JoaoCarvalho - Central Portugal - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE
VIN#? - @exit27 - linares, Spain - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE

ZGUKWA004KM002369 - @Derek Wardell - Cheltenham, UK - D.O.P. ? - Pic HERE

V85TT MichaelaCollins
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Got mine today!
Congrats! Please post your VIN# and related info for the first post above if you would.
I'm finally getting excited to get my hands on mine ~July 10th.
So I just got mine today. What a beauty. I really want those plastic panniers... Also, the exhaust guard is slightly pretruding which causes my left heel to rub against it. It's not much of an issue, just a slight annoyance. I am hoping Todd will work his magic around this and give our feet plenty of space with his V85TT exhaust system!

Please, enjoy the beautiful bike and not the horrendous photographing skills I proudly possess.

20190627 035806 20190627 035655 20190627 035731 20190627 035707 20190627 035823

VIN: ZGUKWA003LM001571
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Greetings from Spain and my grey Atacama :


I Rushed to pick it up 300+ miles away in Portland, Oregon on July 2nd. Didn't ride it until I got to the Washington Moto Guzzi Clubs 4th of July Deep Forest Campout between Mount Rainier & Mt St. Helens. She is a Red&White one - losing virginity at the Independence day Guzzi campout - so my wife Joanne named her "LIBERTY". Joanne and I travel around the country in a smallish 24' RV with LIBERTY riding on a hitch rack. The Liberty weighs the max allowable weight for the rack as well as the hitch. Should work out fantastic.
1st Impressions:
Breaking it in on the paved forest service roads was exhilarating, to say the least. After putting nearly 100 miles on it at constantly varying rpm's I opened it up to 104mph, it had no strain getting there and had plenty more speed left in that throttle. From start till you reach your intended speed the engine pulls strong & smoothly the entire range of acceleration. At 4200rpms it seems to activate the afterburners and you can feel it propel you even faster forward - smoothly. The shifting started off being rough & clunky, but with experimentation, it mellowed out; I found that by applying a tiny bit of preload on the shifter with 1/2 clutch pulled smoothly and it would snick into any gear as smooth as the best shifting Guzzi I've ever had. (It also speed shifted very efficiently.) The instrument panel indicates what gear you are in, but it is blank unless the clutch is out and you are moving in gear. Like, if you are sitting at a stop and look to see what gear you happen to be in - it is blank, does not tell you! so, what good is that? I did not like the high tingly vibrations after 4200rpm, makes my hands go numb. When getting on the throttle the engine vibrations are pretty strong, then after 4100rpm just get higher pitched and zing through that handlebar. Gotta fix that somehow. The throttle is super stiff and hard to turn. I know it is ride-by-wire and should not be that stiff, so hopefully at my 1st service that can be remedied. The Brakes are GREAT. The instrument panel is like a jet fighter cockpit - it's awesome. The tires are howling on some pavement when you lean? You Betcha, I took it Off-Roading on a 26-mile forest service road full of washouts, frost heaves, & pot-holes coming down from the rim of Mt Saint Helens crater. It behaved BRILLIANTLY. I didn't test it's limits by any means, but it was really really fun and the sort of mixed riding surfaces I will do while traveling.

2-UP! My wife Joanne is always riding behind me, and this bike has to work for us 2-up in all conditions. I am super pleased to report that the seating arrangements on this bike are simply excellent. The seat is long and wide, soft yet supportive. Longest ride so far was 5 hours: out - lunch - back without any complaints, sores, cramps, or stiffness. I'm so glad I bit the bullet and bought this Moto Guzzi V85TT. It is sure to give us many miles of pleasure and Liberty.

2nd photo
I Rushed to pick it up 300+ miles away in Portland, Oregon on July 2nd. Didn't ride it until I got to the Washington Moto Guzzi Clubs 4th of July Deep Forest Campout between Mount Rainier & Mt St. Helens. She is a Red&White one - losing virginity at the Independence day Guzzi campout - so my wife Joanne named her "LIBERTY".
Congrats! Thanks for posting and the review. Can't wait to get mine... same color, well done!
If you don't mind adding your VIN# for the first post above, would be much appreciated.

Count on me resolving all of the running and vibration issues. Likely will take fueling and unclogging the exhaust, and fixing the engineered intake leak. ;)

Post often!
Greetings from England. I collected my V85TT today, 13th July.
Guzzi Greetings and congrats Chris!
I haven't ridden one (still), but mine (of the same colors) arrives on Tuesday. Excited to dig into it.
Thanks for posting the info and pics, and hope to see you drop in here often.
I Rushed to pick it up 300+ miles away in Portland, Oregon on July 2nd. Didn't ride it until I got to the Washington Moto Guzzi Clubs 4th of July Deep Forest Campout between Mount Rainier & Mt St. Helens. She is a Red&White one - losing virginity at the Independence day Guzzi campout - so my wife Joanne named her "LIBERTY".

View attachment 17452

Congratulations on the bike! If I was obliged to name my bike, it would have to be "Big Bird"...

I've been driving mostly bikes that will vibrate your spine through your brain, so I don't really notice much vibrations. I mean they're there, but to me they're minor. Plus the cruise control solves that for long rides, but it would be cool if Todd could somehow eliminate it completely or most of the vibrations. Definitely waiting on Todd to get his hand on his so we can get some products for it.

I recently purchased the lower seat, fog lights + fog light kit, engine guards, the aluminium/plastic side bags, center stand, and the foldable mirrors. I'm waiting on them to arrive to install.

I haven't purchased a larger windscreen or an exhaust yet for a few reasons. Firstly, I'm waiting on Puig to put out their windscreen for the V85TT, which I'm quite certain they will at some point in the near future. Secondly, as a 1.74m rider, the current short windscreen on its lowest position is just fine for me, even at highway speeds. Yes, its windy, but I live in the Middle East.. I ride in 48+ Celsius weather (120+F) during the Summer. I need wind passing through me at these temperatures... But I don't get any head bobbling from the wind. Amazingly, the wind that passes over my head is clean. Maybe I'll switch to a larger screen for the Winter.

As for the exhaust, I contemplated purchasing the Agostini Cat delete along with the Zard slip-on, which, might I add, sounds absolutely astounding; however, the exhaust guard rubs against my heel and is quite annoying at times. Hopefully Todd will solve this when he gets to it, but from what I've seen, there doesn't seem to be a way around this. Hopefully I'm wrong.

The gear indicator is just stupid. Moto Guzzi need a software update ASAP. There is a significant delay when running through the gears and the indicated gear on the screen. The "dash" that appears when the clutch is pulled is just very unnecessary.

The suspension on both the front and rear need to be altered with, for me atleast. The front seems to be stiff to the point where I can feel the slight imperfections on the road through the handlebars, and the rear is extremely soft (very comfortable). I've seen reviews of people scraping the pegs very easily and from what I understood, Moto Guzzi had the suspension in the softest setting, therefore heavier riders seemed to scrape the pegs easier than lighter riders. I'm 70 Kgs and I'm pushing the bike near its leaning angle limit (in my mind), and I'm having trouble scraping the pegs easily. I've done it once or twice but that was just me riding like I was Valentino Rossi's 3rd cousin twice removed.

The lights illuminate the road infront really well. I don't like how they placed the switch for the DRL, the low beams, and the low beams + fog lights on the right side of the handlebar, though it's something that you'll probably use only once or twice during your entire ride, so it's not a big deal. I would've like if they gave you the option to turn the fog lights without having the low beam on, which brings me to the heated grips button.

Since the heated grips is an additonal option for the V85TT, they placed a small button to the right of the horn button which turns the heated grips on and off (there might be levels of heat intensity, I do not know). I'm thinking about wiring the fog lights to the heated grips button so I can turn them on along with my DRL only. I don't know if that is possible or not bit we'll see.

It rides like a hot knife through butter. The handling is just spot on. Power is sufficient especially above 3500 RPM. The claimed 80 hp is obviously to the crank. I would eat my own hair if it did anything above 55rwhp, but I feel like it has more to give.

Low speed handling is an absolute peach. No jerkiness to the throttle at low revs / speeds. It handles adequately when you need to lane split, but that transverse V-twin will cause you to adjust the steering often at very low speeds.

23 liter tank, and boy does it manage those 23 liters VERY well. I've managed 400 Km of city driving on a single tank and I wasn't even trying. I bet it can do 500 Km of long distance touring without an issue, which is darn impressive.

The tires (Michelin Anakees) give very good grip on dry roads, I haven't tried them in the wet, because the Middle East. I've done like 5 Kms of sand riding. It does well I guess. I'm no expert offroader so I don't know how it is supposed to behave.

I've done 1,500 Kms on the bike for now, and many many more will come. 1,500 Kms is the first service mark so we'll see how reliable it is after that!

Here it is in my garage, there's a 2019 KTM Super Duke GT and a 2004 V-Rod missing in the picture. If I get the chance sometime I'll take a proper picture.

IMG 20190712 WA0002
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Very nice write up Faisal. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, It was very informative for me. :clap: